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TWELVElittle Backpack Comparison

September 04, 2015 | 3269 Views |

There are several reasons why our Backpack Diaper Bags are so popular. Not only are they functional with multiple pockets, but they are also fashionable and we offer a variety of styles and colors. Due to frequent requests, we decided to compare our backpacks side by side in terms of design and function so that it is easier for our customers to see the difference!

backpack comparison-01

The Allure Backpack is the smallest amongst the three, but still very roomy to fit all baby essentials for newborns. The water resistant, smooth texture nylon offers a more sophisticated look, and if you don’t want a backpack that screams “DIAPER BAG!”, then this is the one for you. One of the biggest difference between the Allure and Companion Backpack is the main opening of the bag: the Allure Backpack has a drawstring opening with leather pulls, and a magnetic closure flap to cover the drawstring closure, and in comparison the Companion Backpack has a large metal zipper opening.

The Companion Backpack has been a customer favorite from the beginning. The plush quilting on the smooth matte nylon makes the bag stylish, and yet extremely comfortable to wear. Even when it is fully packed all the way to the top zipper closure, the bag is light-weight overall. The shoulder straps and back panel are fully padded for lasting comfort, and the open side pockets which are also insulated, provide quick access to bottles. The Companion backpack is slightly more spacious than the Allure backpack, and makes it a great diaper bag for parents with more than one child.

The largest amongst the three, the Unisex Courage Backpack is our bestselling family diaper bag because it looks good on any family member. But don’t be deceived by its size, even when the backpack is fully packed, it still maintains to be light-weight overall. The back panel and shoulder straps are padded for comfort, and the interior has a padded laptop sleeve for parents who need to work or entertain on the go.

If you still have questions about our backpacks, please do not hesitate to email us at


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Packing Guide when Traveling with a Child

June 17, 2015 | 3331 Views |

Whether traveling by plane or car, packing for a trip with a baby or child can be stressful. First you will need a carry-on size travel diaper bag, and in our guide, we used the TWELVElittle Allure Weekender. Second, list all the basics that your child will need such as diapers, wipes, clothes and food. Lastly, think about what objects help soothe your child, and what kind of activities keep them busy throughout the journey. Follow our packing guide below to make your trip enjoyable for your family and fellow travelers.

travel packing guide-01-01

1. Diapering basics: Make sure to pack extra diapers and wipes. Also bring any ointments and lotions that are regularly used.

2. First aid kit: Never depend on the airline, and always bring your own thermometer, painkiller, ointments and bandaids. If your child requires special medication, bring extra.

3. Feeding: If you are breast-feeding, you may not need to bring much. But if you are bottle feeding, make sure to bring extra bottles and formula. If you are feeding solids, bring extra food in a variety of choices or make sure your child has a full meal before the flight. If you use a pacifier to soothe the baby, bring extra.

4. Snacks: Depending on the age of your child, it is a good idea to bring lots of snacks incase the flight does not offer the kind of snacks your child likes. Flights are also often delayed and food may not be immediately available.

5. Clothes: Bring extra clothes, and a thin jacket for summer travels is recommended incase the plane is cold. A blanket can also help keep babies warm.

6. Entertainment: Whatever that makes your child entertained, pack them!

Wishing everyone safe travels!

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

June 05, 2015 | 3122 Views |

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and we have two great gift guides in a variety of price points for the all the fathers in your life. Our TWELVElittle Unisex Courage Diaper bags are perfect gifts for fathers who would appreciate their own bag during outings with kids. These diaper bags can be used from the newborn stage, toddler playdates, weekend family trips, to soccer practices and more.



active-01-011. Toms – Bellini Tortoise Polarized Sunglasses    2. Fitbit Charge Watch    3. Krups – BeerTender    4. TWELVElittle – Unisex Courage Backpack    5. GSI Outdoors – Pinnacle Camper Cookset    6. Kiehl’s – Facial fuel UV Guard SPF 50+    7. Birkenstock – Arizona leather sandals    8. GoPro- Hero4 Silver Action Camera    9. Lifefactory-16oz Glass Bottle with Flip cap



stylish-021. Meundies – Boxer brief 10-pack    2. TWELVElitle – Unisex Courage Satchel    3. The Art of Shaving – Gillette ProGlide Power Shave Set    4. Ray-Ban – Clubmaster    5. J.crew – 9” Club Short in Navy floral    6. Swims – Lace Loafer    7. ClubW-monthly wine subscription    8. Alexander Mcqueen – Polka-Dot Silk Bow Tie


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Last Minute Teacher Appreciation Day Gift Ideas

May 04, 2015 | 3615 Views |

Tomorrow is National Teacher Appreciation Day, and if you still didn’t find the time to prepare a gift over the weekend, we have two quick and easy ideas!

Starbucks Gift Card:

You can decide to give the gift card in a simple envelope, but if you want to add a personal touch to the presentation, we have the perfect layout. You can also include your child in decorating the card for a more meaningful gift.

happy teacher's day-01

blog post for starbucks-01

1. Prepare “THANKS A LATTE” printout, White card stock paper, Coffee Sleeve, Baker’s Twine, Glue, Ruler, Utility Knife, Sissors.

2. Make a slit for the gift card to go through and cut out the “Thanks a Latte” print out around the border.

3. Insert the gift card into the slit.

4. Cut the coffee sleeve in half.

5. Place the cut out sleeve over the gift card, cut the extra width on both sides and glue it down.

6. Cut plain white card stock paper to approx 5×7″ and cut the print paper to be 1/2″ less than the white card stock paper.

7. Glue on the “Thanks a Latte” card to the print paper and glue on to the white card stock paper.

8. Go around 2-3 times with the baker’s twine and tie a ribbon in the front.


*Cookies & Chocolate in a Mason Jar:

You Can personalize the mason jar by adding patterned paper on the lid, and including a cute message for the teacher. Have your child write a personal message or sketch a drawing for the teacher for a more meaningful gift.

blog post for cookie jar-011. Prepare a Mason jar, Cookies or Chocolate, Ribbon, Patterned paper, Sissors, Pencil and Glue.

2. Trace the round tin top of the mason jar to the patterned paper.

3. Cute and glue the traced round paper on to the round tin top.

4. Put cookies or chocolate in the jar.

5. Close the jar.

6. Make a label using the leftover patterned paper or any hard stock paper, and lunch a hole for the ribbon to go through.

7. Tie the ribbon around the jar.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2015

April 15, 2015 | 2680 Views |

It’s our favorite time of the year! Time to celebrate motherhood by showing and giving love to all our moms.

This year, we put together three different kinds of gift guides for Mother’s day: Gift guide for the Active Mom, Fashionista Mom and Hands-on Mom. We recognize that moms have many roles depending on their lifestyle. While we all know that love is the best gift, a little gift for support doesn’t hurt to make your moms feel even more appreciated. We hope you love our gift ideas for all the moms in your life!

mothers day gift guide-011. TWELVElittle Unisex Courage Backpack in Grey. -She will thankful for the handsfree backpack, and this one can also be shared with the entire family.   2. Lancome BB Cream. —For the natural quick & easy coverage.     3. Kate Spade Grass Picnic Blanket. -Perfect for the beach and the park.   4. Adidas Yoga Mat. -Thin but still comfortable, and rolls nicely for travels.   5. Nike Free 5.0 Mesh Sneakers. -This trendy sneakers that can be worn in and out of the gym. 6. TWELVElittle Companion Backpack in Teal. -Perfect handsfree stylish backpack.   7. Nature Box Subscription. -Monthly healthy snacks delivered to your home.

mothers day gift guide-021. BirchBox Subscription.  -Monthly subscription of new makeup samples delivered to your home.    2. Bernardaud Cristal Tea cup. -Perfect for afternoon tea and coffee.  3. Butter London Nail Polish set. -For the moms who love to do their own nails.   4. TWELVElittle Allure Convertible Satchel in Sapphire. -Great as a diaper bag but even better as a chic handbag.   5. J Crew Peacock Diamond Scarf. -Spring scarf that goes with every outfit.   6. Rebecca Minkoff Boho Fringe Front Back Earrings. -For a date night or moms night out.


mothers day gift guide-031. Kate Spade Umbrella. -Such a cute umbrella to carry around with kids.    2. TWELVElittle Carry Love Tote in Plum. -Easy and lightweight everyday diaper bag.   3. Kate Spade Stationary Box. -For all the “Thank you” cards that still need to be written.   4. Wusthof Classic Knives. -For the moms who love to cook.    5. Black + Decker Hand Vacuum. -Handy for the messes around the house.    6. Tory Birch Two-tone canvas espadrilles. -Chic and easy spring shoes that goes with practically everything.    7. PNY Powerpack 5200 Dual port Rechargeable Battery.  -No need to worry when your cell phone needs to be charged on-the-go.

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Spring Styling with Sapphire

April 06, 2015 | 3710 Views |

After a long winter, it finally feels like Spring in the East coast! It’s time for more outdoor outings with  family and friends, with lighter clothes and more color. Our fans love our diaper bags because of the chic and muted color tones, but we are glad to introduce a new pop color for Spring. The sapphire color is just the right pop to give you a fresh look throughout the Spring and summer.

We put together three spring looks with our sapphire color diaper bags.


1. TWELVElittle Allure Convertible Satchel diaper bag in Sapphire.   2. Jcrew Striped pom pom scarf.   3. Wedge sandals by Tory Burch.   4. White button down shirt by Madewell.   5. Chiffon Maxi skirt by Alice & Olivia.   6. Blue shade Aviator sunglasses by Dita.


Spring post unisex bp

1. TWELVElittle Unisex Courage Backpack in Sapphire.   2. Illesteva-Hudson Round-frame Acetate Mirrored Sunglasses.   3. Sperry Striper CVO Salt Water Twill Sneaker.   4. J.Crew Textured Cotton Henley Hoodie.   5. Nudie Jeans Slim fit Jeans.   6. OAMC-Panelled Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt. 


Spring Post Unisex Sathel

1. TWELVElittle Unisex Courage Satchel in Sapphire.   2. Shinola – The Runwell Watch 47mm.   3. Swims Lace Loafer in grey.   4. J.Crew Wallace & Barnes Band-Collar Japanese Selvedge Chambray Shirt.   5. A.P.C-Flecked cotton and silk-blend sweater.   6. Gant Rugger-Slim-fit Brushed-cotton Trousers.



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DIY Christmas Card Frame

December 18, 2014 | 2577 Views |

If you are looking for last minute holiday decoration ideas you can easily do at home, we have the perfect DIY Christmas card frame! This frame can be used to organize all your holiday cards and pictures, and can be displayed on your entry-way table or on top of the fireplace mantel.

We made a Christmas themed frame with gold spray paint and red yarn. If you prefer a more subtle color, we also made a mint frame that would look good throughout the new year, and can be used to organize pictures, invitations and reminder notes.


1. Spray paint a hollow wooden frame with gold spray paint. If the frame had a different color previously painted, we recommend spraying one layer of white primer to make a neutral base for the gold.  2. Make sure the spray paint is completely dry.  3. From the back of the frame, attach thick red yarn across the frame in desired design. We used scotch tape to temporarily attach the yarn from one end to the other. This way we were able to rearrange the yarn until we achieved the right design.  4. Once you have the yarn arranged, staple the yarn onto the wooden frame using a staple gun.  5. Check the front to see if you like how it looks.  6. You can also design the corners by wrapping yarn. Finally, attach Christmas cards and pictures with wood clothespins!

We displayed the gold frame on our entry-way table!

Gold frame2


1. Prepare a wooden hollow frame, spray paint, hammer, metal hooks and wire/yarn.  2. Spray paint the front and make sure to let it completely dry.  3. Arrange where you want to attach the metal hooks on the back of the frame.  4. Attach the hooks first by hand, and then softly hammer them down so that they are securely in the frame.  5. Tightly twist wire around the hooks.  6. Check the front to see how everything looks.  7. Attach notes and pictures on the wire with clothespins.Mint frame


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DIY TWIG TREE: An Alternative to the traditional Christmas tree.

December 06, 2014 | 3318 Views |

We have a few great DIY Christmas projects that are both simple and useful during the holidays and beyond. You may already have a traditional Christmas tree, but this “Twig Tree” is a fun alternative that can be displayed on the entry way console or for the office.

We made two versions of the Twig Tree, one as a card display tree and the other as a family tree. Both versions can be customized with desired ornaments for the holidays.

TWIG TREE VERSION I: Christmas Card Display

With a few twigs either bought in store or personally picked, create a tree by arranging them in a jar. With more twigs, the tree looks fuller and sits better in the jar. Hang desired ornaments on random twigs, and make space to attach received Christmas cards and pictures throughout the holidays. You can also decorate the jar with ribbons and scatter confetti below the tree.

11x11 v1

TWIG TREE VERSION II: Christmas Family Tree

This version is a great way to gather family and friends in one family tree. You can cut out faces and glue them on a harder piece of paper for support, and attach them to the twigs using clothing pins or by adding a twine loop. Randomly hang desired ornaments, and add mini xmas lights. We also love the idea of adding a mini black board a holiday message.

11X11 v2

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How to pack a Hospital Bag

November 10, 2014 | 6805 Views |

At around 34 weeks, you should start packing the “Hospital Bag” so you are ready when the baby is ready to arrive. We have divided the items going in the bag into three categories: Mom’s essentials, Dad’s essentials and Baby’s essentials. We have found it easier to pack essentials for the mom and baby in one bag and all of dad’s essentials in another bag.  *Helpful tip: Remember not to bring clothes and items that are too precious since they can be ruined at the hospital.



All the essentials for moms can go into our spacious Allure Weekender. Every mom is different so you can pack more or less on this list. A comfortable 1. night gown and 2. dress/pullover after delivery is very useful if you do not want to wear the hospital gown.  If you want to start supporting your belly right after delivery, you can bring a 3. Postpartum belt and/or 5. Postpartum panties. Extra disposable panties are also recommended if you do not want to use the ones provided by the hospital. If you plan to nurse, bring a 4. Nursing bra,  7. Nursing pad,  14. Nipple cream . 6. Slippers are useful around the hospital room.  8. Extra warm sox in case the hospital room is too cold.  9. Comfortable cardigan to keep you warm. 10. Extra set of comfortable clothes to go home in – Top & Bottom.  11. Cell phone, or some form of entertainment such as magazines or iPad. Believe it or not, many moms feel bored during labor and after delivery.  12. Wonder diaper clutch, which you can use to pack your – 13. Toiletries.  15. Pouch tote, in case you need extra storage for items you will be bringing back from the hospital.  16. Snacks.  17. Maxi pads, if you do not want to use ones from hospital. 18. Comfortable shoes when going to and leaving from hospital.


final for babyYou can pack most essentials for babies in the same bag as mom’s. 1. Infant car seat – you can’t leave the hospital without!  2. Burp cloths  3. Boppy – if you decide to nurse.   4. Baby blanket – you can use the one from the hospital but they are rather thin. A warmer blanket is recommended for winter babies.  5. Baby hat and  7. Sox to keep them warm.  6. Mittens are useful for babies who tend to scratch their face.  8 Infant Body suit and  9. Pants when leaving the hospital.


dads finalOur Unisex Courage Backpack is great for packing dad’s essentials. 1. Sweater or hoodie incase the hospital room is cold.  2. Camera and/or camcorder.  3. Snacks – If the labor is long, you will need lots of energy.  4. Cash – you never know what you will quickly need to get.  5. Comfortable clothes to sleep in and to wear back home.  6. Pillow & Blanket – Many hospitals do not provide these for dads.  7. Toiletires.  8. & 9. Entertainment for long hours of waiting before and after delivery.  10. Slippers for walking around the hospital.


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How to clean our Diaper bags

October 16, 2014 | 6975 Views |



Our diaper bags are always trimmed in real leather, so we do not recommend machine-washing any of our products. Follow our simple instructions below to spot clean our diaper bags:

 Step 1

Empty the diaper bag by taking everything out, turn the bag upside down over a trash can and shake it a few times to get rid of crumbs and debris.

Step 2


Add 1-3 drops of gentle liquid soap into a bowl of lukewarm water. Evenly stir soap into the water.

Step 3


Take a towel or rag and moisten it with soap water. Squeeze the cloth to release excess liquid. The cloth should not be dripping with soap water.

Step 4


Wipe the nylon surface or interior lining of the handbag with the wet cloth to remove most debris. For tough stains, apply pressure and rub until the stain disappears. If necessary, you can use a bristle brush (or a toothbrush) for scrubbing.

Step 5


With a clean towel, blot the wiped surface to remove excess moisture, and let the bag air dry.



Only use dry or damp cloth with water to remove stains from leather. Soap water or other cleaning wipes can damage and/or change color of the leather.

For harsh stains, we recommend getting professional cleaning from the dry cleaner.



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