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Packing Guide when Traveling with a Child

June 17, 2015 | 3541 Views |

Whether traveling by plane or car, packing for a trip with a baby or child can be stressful. First you will need a carry-on size travel diaper bag, and in our guide, we used the TWELVElittle Allure Weekender. Second, list all the basics that your child will need such as diapers, wipes, clothes and food. Lastly, think about what objects help soothe your child, and what kind of activities keep them busy throughout the journey. Follow our packing guide below to make your trip enjoyable for your family and fellow travelers.

travel packing guide-01-01

1. Diapering basics: Make sure to pack extra diapers and wipes. Also bring any ointments and lotions that are regularly used.

2. First aid kit: Never depend on the airline, and always bring your own thermometer, painkiller, ointments and bandaids. If your child requires special medication, bring extra.

3. Feeding: If you are breast-feeding, you may not need to bring much. But if you are bottle feeding, make sure to bring extra bottles and formula. If you are feeding solids, bring extra food in a variety of choices or make sure your child has a full meal before the flight. If you use a pacifier to soothe the baby, bring extra.

4. Snacks: Depending on the age of your child, it is a good idea to bring lots of snacks incase the flight does not offer the kind of snacks your child likes. Flights are also often delayed and food may not be immediately available.

5. Clothes: Bring extra clothes, and a thin jacket for summer travels is recommended incase the plane is cold. A blanket can also help keep babies warm.

6. Entertainment: Whatever that makes your child entertained, pack them!

Wishing everyone safe travels!

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TWELVElittle travels to Japan

August 17, 2013 | 2211 Views |


On a recent business trip to Japan, I took with me, the TWELVElittle Courage Tote in grey.  We may have designed it as a baby bag, but for me, it was the best travel bag!

It is the perfect carry on size, whether placing it under the seat or in the overhead compartment.  Best of all, it fit my 15″ laptop!

This being my second trip to Japan, I still get culture shock walking around Tokyo.  The infamous ‘Tokyo Street Style,’ is a paradise for design inspiration.  Yes, it is a bit kookie-kabooki (zero idea if that’s a real word), but it’s just fashion you would never see in any other major city.

I stayed in Shibuya at the Cerulean Towers, great hotel and probably one of the few hotels with large rooms.  It was close to everything, including the subway.  Though a bit intimidating at first, it was super easy to access and use their subway system, and very clean!

Every travel venture is partnered with fashion and.. FOOD.  Yakitori skewers, ramen,  soba noodles, sushi on a conveyor (completely legit!).  I am a huge fan of ramen so being in Japan for only four days, it was a staple in my diet.  (Stateside, my favorite go-to ramen places are: Mitsuwa in NJ or Ippudo, Totto or Sapporo, in NYC.)

My next trip to Japan, I hope to visit an onsen (hot springs), but that will have to be through a personal journey.  Enjoy the photos! And remember to take your TWELVElittle bag with you when you travel, it’s the perfect size, for any traveler on-the-go!


japan 3











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