UV Light Sanitizer Box - by 59s

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The UV Light Sanitizer Box is perfect for sanitizing small, everyday essentials such as your cell phone, beauty tools, masks, glasses, watch, and even your baby's pacifier. It's been clinically proven to take no more than 3 minutes to kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs from the 59s UV light technology, making it easier to disinfect your necessities now rather than reaching over for a wipe or spray. Uses a wavelength of 260-280 nm via 8 UVC LEDs. (EPA Est. No. 95175-CHN-1)                                      
*TWELVElittle is an authorized seller of 59s UV sanitizing products that are certified by the EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency). To learn more about their certifications and technology, go to
How Does UVC LED Disinfection Work?
UVC has been used for removing germs and bacteria for the last decades by effectively destroying their DNA & RNA. It is widely used in the medical environment with its high disinfection rate. UVC LED reproduces the UVC light using LED beads, a 100% clean and energy efficient technology.
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How to use:                                                                    
1. The Sanitizer box must be connected to power during use.
2. Place items inside to sanitize and make sure they are not overlapped on top of each other.                                   
3. Click on the round button to start sterilization. After 3 minutes, the box will automatically shut off.       

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