Facebook New Years Giveaway: Customer's Feedback

It's been a while since our Facebook New Years Giveaway, but we were so grateful when our winner Christina Ables Fairman shared this review with us. We had to share her Disney trip experience with our Unisex Courage backpack:

Hi! I won the TWELVElittle New Year Giveaway back in January and I just wanted to say thanks again for the Olive Unisex backpack. It's been a lifesaver on trips to the zoo - no more bag sliding off my shoulder when trying to wrangle or carry my toddler, and no more aching shoulders from lugging around a heavy bag! But it also made an adults-only trip to Walt Disney World last. It's a fabulous grown up bag too! Stylish (so I didn't feel like I was carrying around an ugly hiking bag), practical, and oh-so roomy. I could carry everything I needed for a whole day at the park with room to spare for souvenirs. Thanks so much, TWELVElittle! =)